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Founded in 1978, Indian Medical Association of New England (IMANE) is a dynamic organization for medical professionals of Indian origin in the New England area. IMANE organizes and supports numerous professional and social activities for the benefit of our members and the communities they serve.


  • Advance the professions of medicine and dentistry
  • Support medical education
  • Sponsor charitable healthcare projects
  • Recognize the contributions and achievements of physicians of Indian origin
  • Provide opportunities for career building and professional development
  • Provide forums for networking and socializing

I stand here honored and humbled to have been chosen as IMANE’S President. I accept this privilege with utmost respect and humility. I commit to executing its responsibilities with utmost passion and sincerity.

IMANE has grown over the years through vision of each president. It is my goal to continue upon their successes with the help of my team and all IMANE members.

I am going to condense my thoughts in three broad categories. First, I see IMANE’s primary function is to bring health awareness and accessibility to our community. Second is to build alliances with other organizations. Finally- How do we improve financial health?

Let’s start with the Primary Function. I see IMANE’s primary function to bring health awareness and accessibility to our community. How do we further IMANEs primary function? I strongly believe in this cause and I plan to further the work done by past presidents with utmost passion. The plan includes teaming with other organizations, like INE Multimedia, UIANE to conduct health expos, medical screenings, health education forums etc. I will consider myself successful if I can get my team to focus our energies on this front. Throughout the last few years at IMANE, I have worked on many fronts successfully, but the highest satisfaction I have found is in conducting one of these events. If I was to promise one thing – it will be my focus to help bring health awareness to our communities, whether it is childhood obesity, health screening or elderly health services. I am particularly proud of IMANE’s charitable endeavors e.g. we support free medical clinics. These events are part of furthering IMANE’s primary mission. While conducting these activities I plan to further IMANE’s yearly calendar. We will continue with our Women’s forum agenda, CME Meetings – perhaps add another a fall CME meeting. .  (Read More...)

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