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Dear IMANE Community,

Life of a physician in today’s environment is full of challenges and opportunities we have never faced in the past. Let us all welcome 2020 with collective commitment towards the future which reflects our current values. I feel honored and humbled at the same time representing all of us as IMANE community with the drive to continue to create value.

I hope to succeed in earning your trust and support throughout the year of 2020, by representing your voice and values as your president in all venues and ventures we take part together as a community. The purpose of IMANE is not only to organize and support various professional and social activities within the region we serve, but also to create a dynamic environment for future generations to get inspired and promote our values of inclusivity, diversity and collaboration.

In 2019, Dr. Muppana led us to build many such great avenues and relationships within the New England region. Today we stand united and stronger than ever before because of efforts and hardwork of many of the past IMANE leadership team members. Our ongoing success can only be achieved with engagement and participation from all members. Let us make the year 2020 about us as a TEAM and about what we all stand for as a community. Let us all commit to taking a step towards creating new relationships and cherishing the ones we have.

I am a family physician, informaticist and a social entrepreneur with a passion to improve healthcare by making it a little more ‘healthy’ and ‘caring’ through collaboration and innovation. The purpose which drives me is the same which drives all of us and I hope to see you all engaged and enlightened as you build the future of this industry and our organization together.


Dhrumil Shah

President 2020


Dear Friends,

I feel humbled and blessed to be representing the Indian Medical Association of New England, as PRESIDENT for year 2019 and truly appreciate the faith the past presidents, have placed in me.

I thank all of you for having helped me to get to where I am today with IMANE and especially 2018 IMANE president Dr Vikas Merchia for his transparency and guidance. I am so grateful that I have a smart and brilliant team this year.

Thanks to all the sacrifices, time spent and the tireless effort that each and every past president, their teams and their families made to make IMANE what it is today, largest of its kind in New England area.

My journey to IMANE happened when I moved to Massachusetts several years ago, after my Pulmonary, Critical care fellowship to do my Sleep medicine fellowship at Boston University. I had this burning desire in me to be a part of local Indian organization, with physicians in them and that’s when I joined IMANE and found it amazing.

I was able to connect, network, and build relationships with other physicians of Indian origin, participated in the CME program (helped me to fulfill my risk management CME’s during my MA state license renewal) and lectures during the Health expo, free health clinics, most of all having fun during the Boston cruise and as always during the Annual Gala with wonderful speakers, delicious food, awards and the DJ’s, community medical services, strengthening alliances with MMS, AMA, AAPI.

I will do my best to make IMANE even more empowered, in such a way that we can address our issues (related to physician burnout, IMG, research)   as an organization with different medical societies & Capitol Hill, and empower it for the future and make it sustainable.

My vision is to engage more healthcare providers use IMANE as a platform to move forward building relationships, growing in their fields and embracing other professionals of Indian origin like attorneys, architects, engineers, and also welcoming healthcare providers from other South Asian countries.

The needs of the younger Indian origin physicians is changing and I am excited and hopeful to be able to identify, involve,  build and mentor the future leaders of IMANE to carry the torch forward and feel rest assured that the future of IMANE will be in great hands.

Being a part of this amazing organization should be memorable and enjoyable for all physicians, dentists, advance care practitioners, fellows, residents and medical students.

IMANE is greater than one person or a team, it belongs to every healthcare provider of Indian Origin and all of your heartfelt participation is much appreciated.

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