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  • Tuesday, September 05, 2006 12:30 PM | Deleted user

    IMANE 2006 Charity Gala held on Mother’s Day was the first of its kind to be held in the New England region. Organized by Dr.Purnima Sangal, MD, FACOG, and President of IMANE, this fundraiser was created to support the different service initiatives. IMANE has entered into several alliances and has launched new social service projects.  They have expanded their efforts through pro-bono work to meet the medical needs of the under-served, and uninsured patients at their free Health Stops in Waltham, Shrewsbury and Lowell (to be launched this summer). 

    On the morning of the event, Dr. Sangal invited and met with all the babies (some of them now children and adults) that she has delivered over her years of practice as an Obstetrician/ Gynecologist. It was delightful to watch the joy on her face as she met with all the ones she helped bring to the world. 

    The day was billed as a fun-mela and lived upto that expectation with delightful cultural events that featured Bhangara and Bharatanatyam performances. There were more than 30 booths by Law offices of Miller, Patel and Donabed, LLP.; Bombay Club; American Home Builders; India Center; Western Union; New York Life; medPolnte Pharmaceuticals; Leader Bank; Quest Diagnostics; Pfizer; Citizens Bank; First Financial Resources, and many others. Even though it was raining, there were hundreds of visitors getting their health and dental checkups at the free onsite health stop. 

    Three seminars on Retirement and Estate Planning, Global HIV and Asset Protection were very informative. Vikram Udeshi of New York Life focused on 412(i) plans which he said can be used to defer income up to $175K per year. Dr. David Sidebottom talked about the Global HIV epidemic. There are 4.58 million people infected. He stressed on the long term demographic impact, macro economic impact, and the Westoxification – Sexual Liberalization in emerging countries. Rao Garuda of First Financial Resources and Member of The Million Dollar ‘Top of The Table’ group, discussed the benefits of Separate Entity of Ownership, Umbrella Liability, Asset Protecting Trusts, Debt Shield for Homes, Variable Annuities with Living Benefit Guarantees, Multi-Generational IRAs and a host of other very important topics.

    The grand finale was the much awaited  ‘Rockstars’ concert featuring Salman Khan, John Abraham. Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Esha Doel and Mallika Sherawat. They delighted the audience by dancing to many popular numbers. 

    All in all a great event that supported a good cause. 

  • Sunday, May 14, 2006 12:32 PM | Deleted user
    MMS Member Throws Mother's Day Reunion for 230 

    MMS member Purnima Sangal, M.D., an obstetrician and gynecologist and owner of A Woman's Place in Chelmsford, has delivered more than 8,000 babies all over the world. On Mother's Day, she celebrated with dozens of them.More than 230 parents and children affiliated with Dr. Sangal attended the physician's “Meet the Children” event at the Tsongas Arena on May 14. The reunion featured talks from Dr. Sangal and Kenneth R. Peelle, M.D., newly elected president of the MMS. Activities included a children's health products exhibit, a reading program, entertainment, and finger-printing of the kids.At the event, Dr. Sangal read her favorite quote to her guests. 
    "Children are the focus of our lives," she said. "They are the apple of our eyes and the future of our universe. Let's love them, nurture them and guide them."

    Read the complete Lowell Sun article.     
  • Sunday, May 14, 2006 12:24 PM | Deleted user
    When the famed  Bollywood ‘ROCKSTARS’ ascend the stage at Paul Tsongas Arena on May 14th 2006, to the delight of New England residents, IMANE’s President, Purnima Sangal will be moving closer to her goal of charity work, the second item in her agenda of IMANE’s various activities. As she herself put it very clearly “ When  I took over as President of IMANE, I defined my agenda in three distinct areas – Education, Charity, Alliances and advocacy". In her address to the Board of IMANE, she reiterated that charitable projects are the soul of IMANE.  "Free Health Stops in Waltham  & Shrewsbury  will continue to operate and serve the uninsured patients in need.  At least one more new Free Health Stop will start operating soon in  Lowell .  

    Our participation at health fairs in  Providence ,  Worcester , Boston  and  Lowell  will remain strong.  We will clinch any new opportunity for a Health Stop or a Health Fair.  If needed, we will also display our charitable zeal by take a leading role in helping disasters such as Tsunami, Hurricane & Earthquake” The ROCKSTARS concert idea came into being when IMANE was on the look out for a charity event that would, in Dr Sangal words literally ‘rock’ the entire New England community and involve them in every possible way.” We wanted to generate some‘excitement” while making it a charity gala” she said. Dr Neelam Sehag, Chair of the Board of Trustees of IMANE agrees, “It is the first time we are bringing an event of this kind and we hope that it will give IMANE an opportunity to raise enough money through this to be able to do some solid charitable work here as well as in  India . As of now the response has been tremendous we ask the community to support this event by coming out on large numbers for the event”

    So what is the excitement all about?

    In a glittering night of song and dance see your favorite stars in action at ROCK STARS - LIVE IN CONCERT  brought to you by IMANE (INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF NEW ENGLAND)in association with The event will  be held on Sunday May 14th.(Mother's Day) at 6PM at Paul Tsongas Arena, Lowell MA. The performers include Salman Khan, John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Zayed Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Esha Deol, Mallika Sherawat and lots of Bollywood, Musicians, Singers and dancers, a total group of over 70 people


    Highlights include:

    Free Mela will feature over 30 vendors and Cultural Glimpse of India. Reserve a booth now $500 for the full day!  They are going fast!

    Free Health screenings onsite by doctors--  BP, BMI, Cholestrol, Vision, etc.

    2 Lucky Drawings at Mela @ 

    12 NOON &  3 PM for Grand Prizes.  WIN a free ticket to "ROCKSTARS" show. Free Drawing entry cards available at ticket outlets.  Must bring to Mela for lucky drawings!

    Opportunity for Sponsors, Ads, Booths.  Contact: Dr. Sangal @978-970-1000 or Anu @978-590-1780

    -- Event information on and

    -- Show tickets and bus service details at
  • Saturday, November 20, 2004 10:50 AM | Deleted user

    Group releases first-ever directory of South Asian doctors in New England

    Kapasi DEDHAM, Mass. - Under Dr. Onaly Kapasi's hand, the Indian Medical Association of New England had one of its most productive years in recent times. The group celebrated this success at its 26th annual meeting, held on Nov. 20 in Dedham. At the event, Kapasi capped off his year at the association's helm and welcomed the group's new president, Dr. Lalit Savla. Before Kapasi faded from the spotlight though, he took the time to kick off the evening and detail the group's accomplishments.

    The association, which was founded in 1978 to support medical professionals of Indian origin in the region, added close to 100 new members in the last year. It also gained 10 new life members, upping its total to about 109 life members. Kapasi was excited to report that the association had followed through with his stated focus on medical education by holding several additional meetings last year that featured continuing medical education programs for credit. These meetings - held in the spring and summer - had good attendance and were able to pay for themselves, according to Kapasi. In the last year, the association launched its medical journal club, the first such endeavor for the group. The association also published a medical report in the form of an osteoporosis study on Indian-Americans. The association carried on the success of its charitable projects in 2004.

    The group held two health fairs - one in Boston and one in Rhode Island. The group continued its work with the Waltham Area Free Health Center, which aids people who have inadequate or no insurance. Association members have volunteered time, services and money to keep the center running. In the past year, the group has established a medical student rotation at the Waltham clinic. Through this program, a first for the association, medical students from Tufts University spend time working at the clinic as part of their education. Having medical students working at the clinic is a tremendous help and supports the future of the center, Kapasi said. Wrapping up a year of firsts, the group has also published its first-ever directory of South Asian doctors in New England.

    The directory has more than 500 names and contact information. Kapasi said the publication of the directory ends a long journey that began in the late 1970s when the group first got off the ground. He said there has always been talk of a publishing a directory, and he is satisfied to have finally been part of the group that brought it to fruition.

    Kapasi, an orthopedic surgeon at the Merrimac Valley Medical Center in Haverhill, credited much of the association's recent success to the executive committee. "I had a great team spirit all around me," he said. "The executive committee was exemplary in all its facets. "I cannot and will not say that all I have done was me. It was not. It was a team," he added. The group's 2004 executive committee consisted of: Kapasi, president; Sahdev Passey, past president; Lalit Savla, president elect; Apurv Gupta, secretary; Manorama Mathur, treasurer; Manorma Sharma, Purnima Sangal, Birendra Sinha, Nandita Kapoor, members at large; and Deepa Jhaveri, young physicians representative. Kapasi told the physicians gathered at the annual meeting that he hopes the group can put aside some of its inconsistency from the past and continue forward on a cemented course for the future. New president Lalit Savla accepted Kapasi's challenge and acknowledged he had a big act to follow. "I cannot fit into the shoes Dr. Kapasi has," Savla said. "He will always be part of IMANE to help us and guide us when we need him." Savla set as his top priority the "happiness and well being" of the association's members. In this regard, his goals are to ensure members' grievances are heard, add more members and bring more enthusiasm. For Savla, one sure way to bring enthusiasm is to recruit younger members. "We have a bit of the empty-nest syndrome. The young doctors have left; we want them back," he said. He also emphasized the need for a cohesive group. "We need to leave our regional differences behind and work together," he said. "I would like to bring more unity and keep everyone happy and more productive." Savla will establish a new committee to specifically focus on the ideas of members and address what they think the association should do. As another priority for his tenure as president, Savla aims to improve the financial unity of the group.

    "We may have lofty ideas, but we can't deliver them," he said. The group needs to organize more fund-raising to support projects and initiatives, he added. Savla is hoping to start a fund-raising effort through which all members of the group donate $100. He pledged that his $100 would be the first. Savla suggested the group learn from the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin's recent success in the political arena and strive to become a more politically active group. "AAPI has been tremendous in political organization and I would like IMANE to do the same," he said. "I would like to see IMANE's name spoken in the statehouse." Lastly, Savla praised the close proximity in which the association's board of trustees worked with the executive committee in recent years and promised to continue the trend. "We want them to work with us more and more," he said. "If you work together, I believe we can bring IMANE to a higher height." The annual meeting also featured guest speakers David Cohen, mayor of Newton, and Dr. Jagan Ailinani, president of AAPI.
  • Saturday, October 16, 2004 12:47 PM | Deleted user
    By Meera Rajagopalan 

    Donor fatigue worries local organizations looking to help disaster survivors in Pakistan

    Even as the toll in the deadly earthquake in Pakistan and India climbed steadily following a second wave of deaths, local organizations got their relief efforts off the ground. Organizations held several fund-raisers, but are finding it difficult to keep up the momentum, and relief seems to have slowed down to a trickle. “We’re already seeing donor fatigue,” said Justin Stone, president of the Association for the Development of Pakistan. “This (earthquake) will soon fade from the media’s eye, and we want to keep getting the word out there.” ADP has raised $175,800 for relief efforts so far, and was one of the first Pakistan-oriented organizations to start fund-raising efforts, 36 hours after the disaster.

    ADP is now planning long-term redevelopment in the area, and is actively seeking organizations to support. “There is still a long way to go to redevelop the areas,” Stone said. Dr. Naheed Usmani, president of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of New England said, “The news about the earthquake seems to have disappeared already. There are still thousands of people dying there everyday.” Doctors from the national Association of Physicians of Pakistani descent of North America are already in Pakistan, and some members of APPNE will leave for Pakistan to help in relief efforts.

    APPNE recently worked with the Indian Medical Association of New England for the first time, to hold a fund-raiser on Oct. 16 at the Massachusetts Medical Society. Dr. Purnima Sangal, president of IMANE, who initiated the effort, said, “There is no question of politics here. Human beings are suffering, and we should take care of them as physicians.” Around 200 people attended the event, which raised around $65,000. IMANE also worked with the India Association of Greater Boston and Saheli, to organize a fund-raiser at the Bombay Club restaurant in Cambridge, Mass. About 50 people attended the event, and the organizations are yet to decide on a beneficiary. The Pakistani American Association of New England, based in Providence, R.I. organized a fund-raising drive in association with the Islamic Center of Providence on Oct. 15, which raised around $4,000. Around 150 people attended the drive. PAANE is planning a charity concert after the Eid festival.

    Realizing that many of the problems in relief efforts are due to lack of helicopters and means to reach the affected, ADP and the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America (OPEN) are independently mobilizing campaigns to urge local representatives to lobby for supply of additional helicopters to the region for relief efforts. To donate through APPNE, please visit To donate to the IAGB- Saheli initiative, visit To donate through ADP, please visit For donating to the president’s fund, visit the Pakistan’s embassy Web site at
  • Saturday, September 04, 2004 8:22 PM | Deleted user
    Devastated by the news of the tsunami that hit Asia on December 26, 2004, the Indian Medical Association of New England (IMANE) launched an effort to support all those affected by this terrible disaster.

    Recognizing that financial support would be crucial in the recovery process, the members of the IMANE Executive Committee established an IMANE Tsunami Relief Fund. IMANE teamed with its national counterpart, the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPIO), to determine that the proceeds from this fund will be donated to a nongovernmental organization assisting the affected areas.

    Founded in 1978, IMANE is an active organization for medical professionals of Indian origin in the New England area. In addition to supporting and promoting the activities of its members and community, the organization seeks to advance the profession of medicine, support medical education, and provide a forum for social and professional interaction for physicians of Indian origin.

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