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AAPI Charitable Foundation Report from Dr Chander Kapasi

Sunday, October 11, 2020 8:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

AAPI Charitable Foundation

The AAPI Charitable Foundation was conceived in 1989, by a group of far-thinking and well-meaning AAPI physicians in collaboration with the governing and general body membership. AAPI-CF is an independently registered 501(c) (3) charitable foundation.

AAPI was established in August of 1982 when Dr. Ujammal Kothari was appointed chair and Drs. Jagan Kakarala, Ratnakar Kini, Bhimsen Rao & Bhanu Shah as its members. Dr. Kakarala & Dr. Rao drafted the first constitution and bylaws.

The first AAPI meeting was held in Dearborn, Michigan where Dr. Kothari was

elected as the first president, Dr. Navin Shah, as vice president and Dr. Kakarala as secretary.

Subsequently, a second AAPI meeting was held in Boston. It was our privilege to host a lunch at our restaurant Raj Mahal in Newton Center.

In keeping with the goals and objectives of AAPI, AAPI Charitable Foundation was established in 1989, after the AAPI Orlando, Florida convention under the chairmanship of Dr. Vijaynagar. The convention brought in a net income of $35,000.00, which was in a big way a catalyst for establishing the charitable foundation.

Dr. Gautam Shah of Phoenix, Arizona, an ardent supporter and well-wisher of AAPI’s charitable projects served as the first chair of the foundation. The prime directive of all the subsequent foundation chairs was to raise funds to support the foundation’s charitable projects. By the time Dr. Vijayanagar became chair, the charitable foundation offered support to two clinics, one in Punjab and the other in Ammanpatti village outside Bangalore. Subsequently, AAPI Charitable Foundation opened a third charitable clinic in Bombay on December 02, 1991. Since these early days AAPI-CF is now supporting seventeen clinics across India.

In 1997, when Dr. Ranga Reddy was the AAPI president and Dr. Indra Pandit the chair of the charitable foundation, a patron trustee membership was proposed for AAPI-CF. A ten thousand dollar ($10,000.00) patron trustee membership fee brought in additional funds for the charitable trust.

In the early days of the trust assisted with transfer of technology and much needed medical equipment to India. From these small beginnings AAPI-CF expanded its charitable goals. At the present day AAPI-CF is supporting charitable causes and relief activities in the USA and in India. It is also providing much needed medical and preventive care to the indigent community in the USA through its regional associations and in India where it is supporting close to 17 clinics.

A few AAPI members have visited these AAPI-CF charitable clinics and also run health camps in clinics in India, as well as conducted educational programs on health, hygiene, nutrition and life support training. The experience of these visiting doctors has been most gratifying to both the care giver and the receiver of the medical education and care (please visit our website: to explore all the AAPI-CF activities)

I have served AAPI-CF for many years since 1989 and raised funds for AAPI-CF. As an example on my husband Onaly Kapasi’s 50th birthday we donated $ 25,000.00 to AAPI-CF (Dr. Indra Pandit was the AAPI-CF chair). Also all proceeds from sale of books authored by Dr. Onaly Kapasi are earmarked to AAPI-CF. I am proud to inform you that ALL (5) members of our family are patron trustees of AAPI-CF. When my mom passed away we asked family and friends not to send flowers but instead write a donation to AAPI-CF.

During my term as AAPI CF Chair from July 2018 I have enjoyed the most distinct privilege and camaraderie with two very distinctive presidents, Drs. Naresh Parikh and Suresh Reddy. Both presidents have been very helpful in making me realize lofty goals I set for AAPI-CF –Thank you.

Chair, AAPI-CF July 2018 –July 2020


My mission for AAPI-CF during my term in office was as follows:

1. Keep all AAPI-CF financial dealings, transparent and above board.

2. Keep an open mind for new innovative ideas.

3. Consolidate all accounts.

4. Visit clinics and run health camps.

5. To keep open communication with all and initiate 5 years audit of AAPI-CF accounts

I am pleased to report success with achieving all our collective goals- thank you for your help.


 To commemorate and honor a magnanimous donation made by Dr. Hansa Topiwala, a perpetual calendar on ‘Women’s Health” was published and offered for sale to assist with raising funds for AAPI-CF.

 During my term AAPI-CF added more than a million dollars to charitable foundation, coffers. This was achieved by raising funds, making patron trustees and consolidating all accounts.

 Raised significant funds for AAPI COVID-19 Relief Fund. Funds were distributed in USA and also to India for the Prime Minister’s Fund.

In Gratitude:

 My deep gratitude to family and friends for donating graciously in time and money

 My deep gratitude to Drs. Naresh Parikh & Suresh Reddy for giving AAPI-CF a platform and for their

assistance with funding and distribution of funds for meaningful projects such as flood relief in India and

assisting combating COVID19.

 Special thanks to Girish Thakar, and Sonia Khanna for appropriately managing AAPI-CF funds and to

Vijaya Kodali for her able and timely assistance

 Honorable mention for Drs. Onaly Kapasi, Raj Bansal, Sudhir & Sudha Parikh, B. K Kishore, Sudhakar

Jonnalagadda, Anupama Gotimukula, Jayesh Shah, Raj Bhayani, Anjana & Gautam Samadder, Seema Arora, Sajani Shah, Sameer Kapasi, Ravi Kolli, Satheesh Kathula, Lokesh Edara, Suresh C. Gupta, Bhavani Srinivasan, Udaya Shivangi, Shobha Gupta and Kusum Punjabi and so many others for their support, assistance and much valued advice – Thank you

Progress Report:

1. Each and every clinic receiving AAPI-CF funds has been advised to obtain and submit FCRA number to remain in compliance with Indian foreign contributions laws.

2. AAPI-CF donated $25,000.00 to AAPI for COVID-19 funds

3. Raised additional $50,000.00 from AAPI well-wishers for COVID19 funds

4. Participated on COVID fund distribution committee

5. Assisted with arranging “Appreciation Lunches” for nurse/healthcare workers involved with COVID care

6. Raised a record amount of funds for the AAPI-CF since taking over command

7. Published an AAPI-CF Women’s Health Calendar* in the memory of a major donor, Dr Hansa Topiwalla.

* Calendar is available for purchase from AAPI-CF ( All proceeds go to


8. Launched a dedicated APPI-CF website:

9. Inaugurated the calendar at AAPI Governing Body Meeting in Long Island, New York

10. Made distinctive, one of a kind lapel pins as a thank you for all AAPI-CF Patron Trustees, past AAPI-CF

chairs and AAPIU-CF supporters

Respectfully submitted

Dr Chander Kapasi 


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