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Indian Medical Association of New England (IMANE) is the largest ethnic medical organization in the New England Area - the hub of medicine.

IMANE represents the interests of physicians, fellows, resident and medical students of Indian heritage in the area. For over thirty-five years, Indian physicians have made significant contribution to health care in the United State. Our physicians work in the inner cities, rural areas and peripheral communities that are deprived and underserved and also at the most prestigious medical schools and academic centers.  Approximately 10% to 12% of the medical students entering US schools, at this time are of Indian origin and the number is on an exponential rise.

I am frequently asked the reasons for joining IMANE

Here are some of the reasons:

  •  IMANE is the unified strength of the Indian physician practicing in New England
  •  IMANE because of its close relationship with the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) has a dual representation. Most of our members have benefitted from the dual membership and I encourage all to file MMS membership
  •  IMANE provides a platform for establishing liaison with members of the alumni, renew old friendships, and establish new contacts with colleagues from Indian, International and U.S. Medical Schools.
  •  IMANE directory provides a guide to seek consultations and provide referral services for our physicians.
  •  IMANE directory search is there for you to establish contact with members of the alumni and also connect with friends who grew up in the same town, back home.
  •  Members meetings, reunions and programs fulfill the educational needs by providing important CME credits, risk management credits and provide networking with other professional colleagues.
  •  Our completely reconstructed and redesigned website is now informative and user friendly. It is also assisting with professional and social networking
  • IMANE recognizes excellence in young as well as established physicians of Indian origin each year.
  • IMANE offers medical camaraderie to our members and also offers mentorship to young physicians, medical students and aspiring premedical students.
  • IMANE offers community health services, funds free health clinics and community awareness programs, and also supports noteworthy community projects, supports in kind and personal with disaster relief here in the  USA and in India. Our members offer  health services to remote areas in India, Africa and also repatriate medical equipment to needy countries.

The beginning of my term as president heralded with a steep increase in the fee charged by MMS which challenged the continued solvency of IMANE.  After an intense negotiation, our team of representatives were able to negotiate down the contract from twenty-eight thousand ($28,000) per annum to eleven thousand ($11,000) per annum! Over use of last year's MMS-chargeable-hours over and above the contracted, allowable hours incurred an additional debt of dollars five thousand eight hundred and seventy four ($5,874). This too was negotiated down to dollars three thousand eight hundred and seventy four ($3874.00), saving IMANE two thousand dollars ($2000.00).

I had all the confidence in my committee in its ability to pull through, from the  losses IMANE incurred last year. Just when I thought, we may not be able to afford the Spring CME meeting friends rallied to raise funds -thank you for a very successful spring meeting. I am happy to state that the we made a net profit of over five thousand dollars ($5000.00).

My overriding desire for this year was to hold a community focused health fair that targeted a cross-sectional audience. This commensurates with our mission of caring for, health, welfare and well-being of citizens of the commonwealth. It is my great pleasure to announce the community health fair that is scheduled on Sept 20, 2014, starting at 3 pm at the ISSO temple in Lowell. 

We ventured partnerships with other ethnic organizations and learned lessons in raising funds from other entities and also bank on the name of IMANE which in itself has established a clout - kind of thinking out of the box.

IMANE is an organization run by volunteers, and we have taken up many duties this year so as to cut down on costly administrative MMS expenses that were incurred last year. Honestly, it has not been easy, with a family of two full time doctors and two infants to care for, but I have had a great deal of help from the BOT, my executive committee, and also friends and a supportive family. As I said we have to think out of the box and be innovative to continue enjoying all that IMANE has to offer. You know how it is " when the going gets tough the tough get going".

I am really excited to announce our 36th Annual Meeting, which is on Saturday, November 22, 2014, at Cambridge Marriott Hotel. We are planning a memorable evening in company of distinguished speakers, and yes, showcasing "IMANE Talent"  by popular demand for your entertainment.

Respectfully submitted,


Sajani Shah, MD 
Please Click Here for more Information:   IMANE  



Goals and Vision for IMANE


 I am indeed honored to be part of IMANE, one of the best voluntary organization helping the community. I am amazed how far this organization has come. Started as a social group of physicians for networking and entertainment. Now, IMANE has expanded to do several more projects to help the community we serve. The organization has tried to help young physicians arriving from India through observership. IMANE has established free clinics to help people without insurance. The organization also helped with health screening at various events the the community throughout the year. IMANE also assisted other organizations to raise funds and donations for natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunami and floods in various countries. IMANE also provides outstanding continuing education programs for physicians. I wish the great organization to keep growing to be one of the best national physician organization that provide community with education to live healthy happy fulfilling lives. I also want IMANE to become more politically active to help make changes in the health care system. We already have a political organization that has several IMANE members on the committee.


Best Regards,

Dr. M. Mathur


Learn More visit - 



Honoring the Middleton Award Recipient: 
RAJ GOYAL, MD - Congratulations
Dr. Raj K. Goyal is staff physician at the V A B H S an n d Mallinckrodt Professor of Medicine, 
Harvard Medical School. He earned his M.B.B.S. from Amritsar Medical College, Punjab University 
and MD (post-doctoral medical) degree. from Mualana Azad Medical College, University of Delhi. 
Following postdoctoral training at Yale University, he joined Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. In 1978, he became chair of the Division of Gastroenterology at the University of Texas in San Antonio. In 1981, he joined HMS and became 
chair of the Division of Gastroenterology at Beth Israel Hospital. He later served as 
Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Development at VABHS from 1995-2005. 
Dr. Goyal is an eminent gastroenterologist and an investigator whose research has provided 
important advances in our understanding of esophageal and gastric physiology and diseases
 including Barrett's esophagus, enteric neurotransmission and the physiology 
and pathophysiology of esophageal and gastric motility. He provided the first evidence 
for the existence of muscarinic receptor subtypes. His work forms the 
basis of many current concepts regarding the regulation of esophageal sphincters, 
esophageal peristalsis, esophageal nocioceptors, gastroparesis and Barrett's esophagus. 
Dr Goyal has served on numerous editorial boards and was editor-in-chief of Gastroenterology from 1986-1991. He was the Founder President of the American Motility Society and is the recipient of its Distinguished Achievement Award.

The Middleton Award

VA established the Middleton Award in 1960 to honor William S. Middleton, M.D., an educator 
and physician scientist who served as VA's chief medical director from 1955-1963. This award is BLR&D's highest honor for outstanding achievement in biomedical research and is 
given to a senior VA investigator for major achievements in areas of prime importance 
to VA's research mission. The award recognizes Dr. Goyal's exemplary record of involvement
 in, and service to, the VA and to the biomedical profession, as well as his seminal scientific 
and clinical contributions to the most important advances in our understanding of esophageal 
and gastric physiology and clinical disorders including Barrett's esophagus, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), diffuse esopageal spasm, esophageal pain, and gastroparesis. His work has had a 
broad impact on the clinical care of Veterans and the population at large. IMANE is very proud of 
your academic achievements.





Dr. Dinesh Patel, our past president and founder member of IMANE recently contested for the election 

of Town Meeting Member of Lexington winning the election by a landslide.   This is indeed an additional achievement to his numerous achievements in the medical field.

Kudos to Dr. Patel.



 Congratulations - There is a life beyond our medical practice

Visit: Mind's Eye for excerpts of his book 

Learn more of the author 


Onaly A. Kapasi, MD, a Boston orthopedic surgeon who has served IMANE on various calls of duty

 including serving as IMANE's 26th president has just, this past June published his first book, a book of

 his personal poems, Mind's Eye - A Vision into the Depth of Consciousness. An initial book inauguration

 took place at a his residence in the company of very close friends and family, followed by an 

inauguration at the AAPI Annual Meeting in San Antonio by the Minister of Health and Law of 

Himachal Pradesh, Hon. Kaul Singh. The proceeds from sale are donated to medical charity.


The book is available in the USA at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and at retail bookstores and also 

abroad as dust cover hard copy, soft cover, e-book and exclusive leather bound at a premier price. 

Dr. Kapasi was invited at a writer's forum in Texas, and book reading in Victoria, BC, Canada. . It is scheduled for a showing on October 8- October 12, 2014 at the prestigious Frankfurt International Book 



The book has received 5-star reader reviews and the sales are encouraging - a reader who admits not 

having read poems, admits that he read the poems over and over, others say his book is a good read. His second book, a story based on Kashmir he believes may be on the stands by early next year.  


Mind's Eye  is available through IMANE here in New England, proceeds thereof will go to IMANE's charitable missions.  


Dr. Kapasi has served many charitable mercy mission - a more medical charity mission in Mandi, 

Himachal may be seen on the attached You tube video. To view his passion for charity visit Oni service 

and a recent interview 

AAPI MANDI movie feb march 2014

He is the U.S.A. liaison for the 2014-15 Global Health Summit to be held in Mumbai.2015 Global Health Summit       

Best wishes Dr. Kapasi, "you walk the walk". 


  Congratulations Past Presidents

Chander M. Kapasi, MD, MPH

Janine Saldanha, MD

 Two of our past presidents were recognized as "Women of Influence" by Lokvani.

Dr. Chander Kapasi LOKVANI 1

 Dr. Janine Saldanha   LOKHVANI

 Please click on the above links (Lokvani 1 and Lokhvani) to read the respective  Lokvani articles








  Our 2009 president Nasir Khan, MD recently passed away - IMANE mourns the loss of a friend and

 leader IMANE offers heartfelt condolences to the Khan family.


 Fund raiser for an Annual Memorial Lecture honoring Dr. Nasir Khan sponsored by Newton Wellesley Hospital, MMS, Bournewood Hospital and IMANE is underway. Please contribute generously to support this worthy cause.


 Please forward your individual donations for the annual memorial lecture to IMANE, year marked for the Annual Memorial Lecture.


Adieu good friend 

 Operating Account
  We started the  year with financial uncertainty as indicated in our president's report. I believe members are entitled in knowing how we have managed financially.
Operating Account
 Starting Balance (left on account) .........................................................................$1684.18
2013 MMS debt for overuse of services above and contract ...............................-$5874.00
Negotiated MMS debt reduction of 2013 debt  .....................................................$2000.00
MMS 2013 debt payment from 2014 account ......................................................-$3874.00
Balance as of August 31, 2014..................................................................................$8538.66
There is a pending MMS bill of approximately $11,000.00 for 2014 contract that was negotiated 
down from $28,000.00
Four Past  IMANE Presidents with President Elect Dr. Arora.
The Trio of  IMANE Leaders - Present and Future
   All Aboard !
  Friends and Families get-together on the Spirit of Boston
 Balmy sea breeze great food and in the company of friends
The Movers and Shaker's of IMANE
Our President, Sajani Shah and President Elect, Seema Arora
Food  & Smiles
More Smiles




AUGUST 17, 2014

 IMANE was proud to be part of this iconic event

Service before Self
Cast Care

Service with Smiles - Thank You Ladies





 The following members contributed to save this iconic IAGB Hatch Shell Event


Drs. Sajani and Sameer Kapasi

 Dr. Manorama Mathur

Drs. Kanu and Smita Patel

Drs Chander and Onaly Kapasi

Dr. Seema Arora

Dr. Sahdev and Carolyn Passey

Dr. Suresh Reddy

Dr. Sapna Aggarwal

Dr. Salil Midha

Dr. Amrit Chopra

Dr. Kinnari Kher

Dr Ujwal Rastogi


Thank you for your generous  contribution







 Free Flue Vaccination

Free Vision, Dental

& Health Screening


Community Health Educational Lectures on


Heart Disease


Women's Health
 Free Medical Screening

Nutrition Counseling

Pharmacy Consultation

Saturday, September 20, 2014

3:00-8:00 PM

Shree Swaminarayan Temple (ISSO)

1705 Middlesex Street

Lowell, MA 01852




Subha Thiagarajan




Free Testing

Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, HgA1c, Blood Pressure Screening, Bone Density

 Weight Management

Come early to Take a Full Advantage of the Services and Education




San Antonio, TX

IMANE was well represented at the AAPI annual meeting in San Antonio TX.

Himachal Pradesh  Health Minister Hon. Mr. Kaul Singh Addressing AAPI

IMANE Members at AAPI with Hon.  Mr. Kaul Singh

With the First Women President of the Indian Medical Council of India, Dr. Jayshree Mehta
Mind's Eye Inauguration by Himachal Pradesh  Health Minister Hon. Mr.Kaul Singh





Community Health Fair - Saturday, September 20, 2014

3.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Shri Swami Narayan Temple 1705 Middlesex Street, Lowell, MA 01852


IMANE Annual Meeting - Saturday November 22, 2015

Cambridge Marriott Hotel 2 Cambridge Center, Cambridge MA 02142  . 617-949-6600


AAPI Global Healthcare Summit 2015  - Mumbai, India

Friday January 02, 2015 to Sunday January 04, 2014

Link- Global Healthcare Summit

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